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FacialThese treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs, targeting specific concerns and helping to restore optimum skin health. Each treatment includes a detailed skin consultation to ensure maximum benefits for your skin and helping to restore optimum skin health.


As we age, the automatic process of exfoliation and cell renewal slows down. Sometimes the body needs a little help. Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure in which the dead outermost surface of the skin is partially or completely removed by light abrasion.

The removal of the dead skin cells reveals the softer more youthful looking skin cells underneath.
Our NEW CACI Ultimate machine allows us to offer crystal free Orbital Microdermabrasion.  Orbital Microdermabrasion uses a hand piece that rotates at different speeds on an elliptical axis. Instead of using exfoliating crystals, orbital abrasion utilises a selection of disposable, abrasive treatment tips  coated with a layer of silicon carbide to either superficially or deeply exfoliate the outermost surface of the skin.

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DERMALOGICA PROSKIN 60 –  (allow 70mins)

The ultimate treatment, different every time. Customised with advanced product, techniques and technology in a soothing environment made for relaxation. The ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience to address all skin concerns and achieve healthy glowing skin.

DERMALOGICA PROSKIN 30 (allow 40mins)

Our customised treatment, on your time! Targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time, this treatment is a firm favourite with those who have just 30 minutes, want visible results and great value.



Using products from the Clear Start line designed for teen skin to target tough breakouts while being gentle on skin.



This unique three-acid approach provides deep exfoliation and resurfacing that is 100% personalised to you. recommended for fine lines , uneven pigmentation , breakouts



Non-invasion skin resurfacing

LuminFusion supercharges skin smoothness and luminosity with no downtime.  High tech modalities including NanoInfusion and LED red light combined with a targeted Retinol Peel infuse actives to reduce the appearance of skin ageing and restore skin

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